Belize March 10-19, 2006 (85 images)

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We had a wonderful time in Belize... definitely going down in the family annals as one of our favorites. It was so wonderful to spend 10 days with Rich and Alan without all the distractions which are part of our busy lives.

I still have a travelogue movie playing in my head: swimming with schools of colorful fish amongst the coral, hiking through the jungle and coming upon ruins of Mayan temples in the clearings, watching dozens of snowy egrets take off and fly along a jungle river ahead of our boat. And it's not just visual memories ... all our senses were engaged. The tastes of the wonderful food during our week on the atoll. The eerie sound of the howler monkeys as we hiked through the jungle and the soothing sound of the surf as we slept. Rocking gently on the waves while we snorkeled ... the gentle moist snout of the tapir at the zoo as I fed it bananas ... and the smooth dry skin of the boa constrictor draped overy my shoulders at the same zoo. The wonderful smells of the salt air and the jungle. One of the most delightful parts of the trip was having a week without having to make decisions about anything tougher than whether to read on the porch of our cabana on the beach or under the thatched roof covering the deck by the pool. This trip was a real treat. I am sooooo relaxed!


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