GMR Computer Science Department
Bonnici's Poster Boards

Years back, Jim Bonnici put together a dozen poster boards which give some of the history of the GMR Computer Science Department.

We've scanned most of the things on these boards and included them in this website to make them available to folks who can't attend the triennial reunions where the poster boards have been on display. The quality of the photos on these boards which were copies of pages from LabLife and a few other places was so poor that we did not scan them. Some of the boards have suffered water damage, so some of the photos are damaged in one corner or along one side.

We've included the text from the back of each photo where there was such text, and some of the photos include labels in the photos. We would love to have more information about these photos and also have additional photos to add to the website. If you would like to add information about who the individuals in the photos are, what the hardware is, dates for the things, background on the reports, etc., please send the info to Mary Pickett.

Each of the links below will pop up the photos in a new window or tab in your browser. When you are done looking at the photos for the board, you can close that window or tab to return to this page.

If you would like to access the high-resolution photos for these boards, you can download a ZIP file for each board here.

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