Christmas in Boulder
December 2003

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Elsie and Otis (by Jany)

The gang
Back row: Hunter, Russ, Alan, Ryan,
Rebecca, Walt, Christy, Don.
Front row: Jany, Otis, Elsie, Rich.

View from Otis and Elsie's
apartment at sunset

Christmas Eve dinner.
Otis, Elsie, and Walt

Christy, Elsie, Otis, and Walt

Jany and Don

Alan and Rebecca

Hunter, Ryan, and Alan

Walt, Rich, Russ, and Mary

Breakfast Christmas morning.
Rebecca, Rich, and Russ

Elsie, Ryan, and Alan

Opening Christmas gifts.
Jany, Hunter, and Don

Hunter, Rich, and Bill

Don, Christy, and Jany

Alan and Ryan

Jany and Elsie

Christy, Jany, and Elsie

Otis, Pearl, and Hunter

Rich and Bill

Working on the "punzzles".
Rebecca, Don, Christy, Ryan

Hunter and Russ and feet

Rebecca, Don, Christy,
Ryan, and Alan

Christmas evening.
Rich, Rebecca, Ryan, Russ

Elsie, Otis, Alan, Rich, Ryan

Hunter, Don, Jany, and Elsie

Hunter, Don, Jany, and Elsie

Andrey and Don

Pearl and Bill

Christy, Jany, and Elsie
Hunter engrossed